Do you need help?

If you are having a difficult time with your mental health, or are in a tough patch of your life you might want to consider searching for help or advice. If any of my posts have triggered you, which is never ever intentional, but can still happen, I have provided helplines and texts where you can talk anonymously to somebody who will not judge you and is there to listen and help. Alternatively, you can talk to me, on my twitter where I am constantly active : @recovering_ed or you can email me at 

Samaritans (if you require urgent help please phone here): 116 123

Beat helpline (For concerns around anorexia, bulimia and other Eating diorders): 0808 801 0677

OCD Action: 0845 390 6232

Samaritans email:

Remember you are worthy of life and things will get better. You are so beautiful and you belong in your life. You have so much that you will achieve and see, don’t give up. It will get better.

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