About My Blog

My little place on the internet is nothing spectacularly extraordinary. I started ‘delicately broken’ nearly a year ago, after struggling with anorexia, OCD and extreme anxiety for the last forty two months of my life. I decided that I needed a place to vent, post and offer advice and guidance to others. I also needed something vaguely productive to be able to focus on besides beating my record of ‘Number episodes watched in a day’ (34 and counting, may I add). So, I dedicated this little place to honesty and cosy vibes. My only goal with this is to help others, which sounds terribly cliché but it is what it is. ‘Delicately broken’, although nothing to shout about, is a very happy place for me.

Please feel free to message me with requests, questions, ideas, anything really!

Insta –  casysfighting

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