A bit about me.

Ugh I’m having flashbacks to that awful moment at the beginning of every school year. ‘Everyone say one thing about yourself when you hear your name’. I’d usually spurt out some absolute nonsense about really enjoying ice hockey in the fleeting spare time between volunteering at zoos and running marathons.

So, I am definitely not an ice hockey playing, zoo smelling, sweaty marathon runner. Instead I am Rosie, Casy for short, a nickname I picked up over the years, and the story behind it makes the term ‘for short’ laughable. I am 15 years old, and will be 16 in October. I have an obsession with quotes – bet you’ve not heard that one before. My idea of a perfect day is sitting in cute cafes with a vat of coffee, reading and taking photos. All my money is spent on pyjamas, caffeine, stationery I don’t need and ridiculously expensive ‘health’ food that tastes like stale cardboard. I’m currently studying for my GCSEs, and I’m aiming to study Psycholgy, Maths and Biology at college, hoping to then get a PhD at Uni to have a full time career in Psychological Practice. I spend a lot of time studying and planning, although I’m always late to everything. I am an extremely messy person if you get to know me.

Oh yes, and I have been diagnosed with anorexia, severe OCD and other bits and bobs. Wa Hey.

I have struggled with anorexia since the age of 11, although I wasn’t diagnosed till a few years ago. My OCD has prevented me from going to school, maintain both an education and a social life.

I was taken out of school due to a health risk in early 2016, and my life has been on pause ever since. I am socially at the age of an eleven year old, often mentally too. I am one of the great mysteries to my team and am thrown around from person to person, but no one has quite managed to fix me yet. I have had more appointments than friends (not particularly difficult though may I add in), my sanity lives in little containers labelled Monday – Sunday but I’m somehow still going along with it. Despite my broken brains best efforts, I’m still fighting. Hopefully I can hang in there a little longer.

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