What I eat in a day // recovering from anorexia nervosa

8am/Breakfast My day usually starts with either 2 weetabix practically swimming in semi-skimmed milk or two slices of toast with olive spread. Along with this I have a portion of fruit or yoghurt and 200ml of fruit juice. I obviously have coffee with breakfast – usually a latte. I used to be terrified to touch anything other than black coffee. But it tastes like gasoline so fuck that. I take my medication after breakfast.

11am/Morning snack I’m usually quite hungry for my morning snack, which makes it less difficult for me at the moment. I usually have a portion of fruit and either three biscuits or a yoghurt.

1pm/Lunch Lunch is probably my most difficult meal of the day. I have it in my head that lunch is an option and that my body doesn’t need it. My rational mind knows this is total bullshit, but anorexia can be convincing. Lunch is usually something like a toasted sandwich with a portion of fruit or vegetables. Along with that I have something sweet and scary – sometimes a chocolate bar or two scoops of ice cream.

3pm/Afternoon snack I genuinely hate afternoon snack. I never feel hungry for it but I have to keep eating to get my hunger cues back. Afternoon snack is usually a cereal bar with a milkshake or smoothie.

5.30pm/Dinner Dinner always has a source of protein and has vegetables and carbs. This particular day I had pasta with salmon and green vegetables.

8pm/Evening snack I have my evening snack pretty late. Remember that whole not eating after six rule? Total bullshit. My body usually craves something around this time anyway. I usually have something sweet like ice cream or chocolate or both!

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