Pro Ana. My take.

I actually spoke to my sister Annie the other day and she asked what Pro Ana was. I didn’t see the point in bullshitting some PG answer so I told her my take of it all. I said ‘basically people who encourage anorexia, and extreme dieting. They think anorexia is a lifestyle.’ Kind of wish I’d filmed her face, but it was a mix of disbelief and disgust. She genuinely didn’t understand why. Having seen what I’d lost to anorexia, and what people close to me lost, why anybody would encourage that. The topic of pro Ana is a topic that I often avoid, because it triggers me, but I also know that it is a sensitive issue. Do people with these pages struggle, or are they deluded? Is it a sickness in itself? I’ve never fully understood what causes people to attack and motivate others to starve themselves.

So Pro-Ana refers to the active promoting of behaviors related to anorexia nervosa. There are forums, messengers, chats and more where you can find slogans and ‘rules’ that can quickly take over your life. It is the most toxic place, that you can find yourself obsessing over.

Whether they are sick or struggling, it doesn’t excuse encouraging such dangerous behaviour. Whatever the mentality, surely nobody can say such awful things with a healthy mindset? Or are there just people who genuinely see anorexia as a lifestyle? Nothing more than an extreme diet.

Whats your view? Let me know,


2 thoughts on “Pro Ana. My take.

  1. Pro Ana was what dug me so deep into my eating disorder from the very beginning. I was already having disordered thoughts and behaviors, but it wasn’t super bad yet. For some reason, I saw a post from a pro Ana account on my explore page and was fascinated by it (I know it’s disgusting). I wanted to be like that, and I legitimately created my own page and ran it for a while. I’ve always felt super guilty about this because I can’t stand the fact that I may have helped people destroy themselves. I was already sick, but that made me so much sicker. Then, one day, my parents saw a notification on my phone and discovered EVERYTHING. I was so so ashamed but that’s what tipped them off, so I guess it was good that they found it. Anyway, I know this is super long, but I wanted to share what my experience with probably Ana has been.

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    1. Hi Jill. I’d actually really love to talk to you about all of that. I feel like your experience would be so insightful – of course if you’re not feeling up to it ! Feel free to drop me an email?


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