What not to say.

All the following statements were said directly to sufferers who follow my Instagram.

‘I mean you aren’t as bad as the PROPER anorexics, you know the people who are really scary thin”.

‘It’s just a phase’ ‘You’re not that skinny’.

‘You know there are children actually dying from hunger in Africa? You’ve not got a disease – you are just spoilt and superficial.’

‘Well that’s just us a generation, we’re unfit.’ – when being told about the physical side effects of anorexia by a sufferer.

‘She’s the same as you’, after being introduced to somebody else ith anorexia.

‘Snap out of it, if everybody else can do it, so can you’.

‘I get that you have anxiety and shit but your anxiety is stupid, I don’t give a shit if we are in the way nobody cares so just stop with the anxiety, because I don’t care’.

‘Don’t you have to be in hospital for that?’

‘You’re doing this to punish your Dad’.   Said by somebodys Aunt in response to their anorexia.

‘If you still want to change your body you can just go to the gym and work out’.

‘People think you don’t eat, but you actually do I bet’.

‘Well if you think you’re fat, then what am?’

‘You’re not anorexic because you’re not underweight’.

‘You’re not having a panic attack, you’re just breathing too quickly’.

‘Why are you sad, you have no reason to be?’

‘Smile, you’ll feel better.’

‘You are not sick, you are whimsical’.

‘You know there’s no such thing multiple personalities. Maybe your therapist has convinced you, but I know you and you don’t have multiple alters’.

‘It’s not that difficult to just eat more’.

‘I’m not acussing you of having bulimia or anorexia, I think you’re smarter than that’.

‘You’re just an attention seeker’.

‘You’ve gained weight so you’re recovered, right?’

‘You’re weak’.

‘Anorexia isn’t real’.

4 thoughts on “What not to say.

  1. mayflowerlife May 20, 2018 — 5:28 pm

    I can’t believe some of the things people say – truly shocking xx

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  2. These comments resonates with me. My gosh haha.

    I always used to get the, “you’re life isn’t that bad, I mean you have access to food so why don’t you eat” from my boyfriend. I KNOW. I know other people have it worse and yes it makes me feel very guilty about my behaviors but I cannot completely change them at the moment. Anorexia is so undeniably real and doesn’t mean that what you are feeling is less valid than what someone else is going through. I wish you the best in your journey xx with love, Carly

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely message. I’m sorry you’ve struggled and I am always here uf you wish to talk x

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  3. I think empathy is something most people severely lack. What’s more they view others through their own eyes and can’t see that a person’s suffering could possibly be different from their own. Stay strong and keep fighting.


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