Why I’m a feminist.

You’re lucky women just want equality, and not revenge.

Let me tell you what the word ‘feminism’ actually means.  “to define, establish, and achieve equality of genders.” I think people have this deluded idea of what a feminist is – perhaps the fact the word has ‘female’ interpreted in it, causes people to immediately try and twist it into some ‘girly fad’ or ‘a load of menstruating protestors’ – allowing a clear insight into exactly why we need feminism.

Some people are genuinely surprised to learn that anybody, from any gender, can be a feminist. Whether they choose to identify to a gender, or not at all. If you believe in gender equality, then you are a feminist, pal.

Remember when they told us girls mature faster than boys? That was a lie. What they really meant was ‘Girls are expected to be respectful, polite,  quiet and obedient from the get go. Boys are allowed to do whatever the hell they want for 20 odd years, and then they’ll realise they are acting like a total dick, and some will change their ways.’

What the hell does ladylike mean? Sit there, clenching your jaws with a smile pinned to your face, in an impeccable outfit.

Because speaking up for yourself isn’t very ladylike, is it?

I watched a friend of mine walk to the cashier at Boots hiding a packet of sanitary pads under her coat, before quickly paying for them and shoving them in a bag. I told her she looked like she was stealing. She said she didn’t care, because ‘it’s just so awkward’. She’d rather be stopped by staff and have everybody believe she was a thief, than have people know she was mesntruating, like half of the human race does every 28 days or so.

When were we taught to be so ashamed? Yes, it’s perfectly ok not to wish to discuss your uterus with a total stranger. But have you ever seen somebody hiding toilet roll as they do their weekly shop?

I could be political. Discuss the gender pay gap. Social inequality. Rape. Surely we should just sit at home, that way we’re safe, and rape is prevented. Well, you know what causes rape? Rapists. End of. No argument.

It’s ok to scream. To demand to be heard. They have kept you silent for so many years, and now you are finding your voice. It’s ok to be a loud feminist. It’s ok to be a quiet feminist. It’s ok to be a hairy feminist. It’s ok to be a hairless feminist. There is no assigned mold for this part – I know that is not something you may be used to.

Gender equality is present in all ways. Allow the boys to be told they are allowed to show weakness, and pain. That they are allowed to cry. They are free to be a ballet dancer, wear make up. Just as equally as they shouldn’t feel pressure to wear makeup. Neither should girls.

It’s really a very simple idea, that people with medieval thinking struggle to understand.



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