How to feel better.

Full credit to Abbie, as I stole this idea from her scribbles of blog titles in her old notebook. But this seems to encapsulate such a lovely and cosy vibe, and I also think this might offer simple advice for anybody struggling and needing some way to ease the pain.

Open the windows or find time to go outside. There are days when I’ve locked myself away and it gets to a point where I realise I’ve not been outside for three days. Let your lungs fill with the cold air, and your head will clear.

Clean a particular area of your house where you want to spend some time. I know it can take a lot, but it will allow some space in your mind. It can be easier to just choose a small area, so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Bring everything you need to escape your painful thoughts, whether that’s anything from your laptop to a stack of notebooks.

Blast music until your insecurities fades away and you feel ready to dominate the world with your impromptu dance styles.

Splatter paint against cardboard and paper and imagine that you’re creating a visual artwork of your brain, as it paints your mind with its thoughts.

Spend time with a dog no matter how bad a day. Cuddle up with your doggo, or sit at your local dog park and absorb the sight of wagging tales and canine smiles. Guaranteed mental pain relief.

Find your softest jumper and your cosiest socks and bury yourself away with snacks and a movie.

Exfoliate your skin – use ten minutes or so to take care of your skin. Whether that’s a face mask or a cleanser, your skin will thank you and it may be an achievement for you (and that’s ok).

Give yourself time to heal in your own way.

Hope everybody is doing ok, look after yourselves, and keep fighting.

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