50 Things I want to do in 2018.

Hello petals – over the past few days I’ve been thinking of things I’d like to do achieve in 2018, as I am putting all my energy towards making this year better than these last few years. Some of these things are really small, some are pretty big, so prepare for a rambly post.

  1. Travel to Scotland.
  2. Start playing the piano again.
  3. Start to fight my OCD.
  4. Read more.
  5. Take time away from social media regularly.
  6. Take better care of my physical and mental health.
  7. Start seeing my friends again/ stop hiding away.
  8. Drink more water 
  9. Structure my meals, and follow my meal plan.
  10. See a show in the West End.
  11. Do something for a charity that means a lot to me.
  12. Write more.
  13. Keep myself organised.
  14. Get the train by myself regularly.
  15. Explore my interests and strengths more, without doubting myself.
  16. Study well and focus for my GCSE exams.
  17. Do well in my exams, get the grades I deserve, whatever they may be.
  18. Travel over the Summer.
  19. Start College (!)
  20. Find healthy coping mechanisms.
  21. Cook a new recipe every week.
  22. Discover new places.
  23. Believe in myself, and push myself to achieve more.
  24. Sort my wardrobe/clothes.
  25. Have a regular blog schedule.
  26. Not have horrible, cracked skin.
  27. Be able to hug people, my family etc.
  28. Wear whatever I like.
  29. Stop using my feet/ elbows to get into cupboards etc.
  30. Start driving (!)
  31. Save up for a car (!!)
  32. Take more photos, wherever I go.
  33. Face my biggest fears, and get over them.
  34. Live life free of overthinking.
  35. Challenge myself.
  36. Decrease obsessive hand washing.
  37. Help declutter the home, cleaning etc. 
  38. Take Misty for walks regularly and stop stepping backwards (another OCD thing that I really want to get ove).
  39. Get my healthy body back.
  40. Get a healthier mind back.
  41. Attend more events. 
  42. Listen to doctors.
  43. Regain my ability to trust people.
  44. Find what makes my soul shine.
  45. Get my priories straight.
  46. Celebrate my 17th birthday how I want to, not my OCD or anorexia.
  47. Challenge my fear foods more often, and regularly.
  48. Help others who are struggling.
  49. Regain physical and mental strength.
  50. Thrive like the beautiful bean I was supposed to be. 


Lets see, shall we? Next year, who knows what I’ll be saying, I might have bungee jumped or met the Queen (both are highly unlikely but you never know). Or I might have recovered from the worst of my OCD, and I might not be scared of sugary foods anymore. It’s all a mystery – but for now I know that I’m going to give Ryan inch of my strength. Here goes nothing.

2 thoughts on “50 Things I want to do in 2018.

  1. This is a great list! Good luck! I hope you’re able to cross off most of these my December 2018.


  2. This is a great list! Good luck! I hope you’re able to cross off most of these by December 2018.

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