My Christmas Checklist

Hello my loves, sorry for not being the most active in regards to blogging, everything’s been a bit hectic but I am suddenly in a very festive mood as Christmas is fast approaching. *Excited festive squeal*. So I decided to sit down this evening and write a Christmassy little blog for you all, watching a bit of Outnumbered with a tub of Quality Streets my side, and a very sleepy cat. I thought I’d write a ‘Christmas Checklist’ – basically everything I want to do before Christmas arrives (in a week, may I add with another festive squeal).

Do my Christmas wrapping while watching a festive movie. This is something I absolutely love doing – the floor covered in miscellaneous bits of wrapping paper, bows and string, presents scattered everywhere, with a cosy festive movie. Maybe a warm drink (preferably in a Santa Claus mug).

My annual Primark shopping trip. Every year before Christmas I take a trip to Primark, browse all the cosy, Christmassy beauty. The leggings, the Christmas nails, the jumpers, pyjamas. I tend to fill my basket to the brim with the cosiest pyjamas, fluffy socks and any other vaguely festive items. This is still the highlight of the run up to Christmas for me, and I usually leave the items till Christmas Eve, no matter when I buy them, as it’s just another added thing to look forward to.

Have a Christmas movie evening with my sisters. Me and my sisters, particularly Annie, enjoy going all out for our Christmas movie evenings. We make festive drinks, decked in candy canes and gingerbread, bake Christmas treats, attempt to make them look ‘Pinterest-y’. We then find the trashiest Christmas pyjamas we can, find a bunch of festive movies and spend the rest of the evening watching Nativity 1,2 & 3.

Go Christmas Light Spotting. We set off every year, a car full of blankets and Christmas CDs to drive through the local villages and towns, rating the Christmas lights from best to worst. It’s not Christmas without this, and I absolutely love it.

Decorate Gingerbread biscuits. I can’t believe I haven’t checked this off yet. My favourite part is actually deciding that this year is the year mine are going to look semi decent, simply for them to look like an abstract art attempt by a cat.

I’m sure there are more that I could add, but that’s all I can think of for now. If anybody else has any ideas or things that they’re hoping to tick off their list before Christmas then let me know!

Merry Christmas,


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