Its no secret that I am basically a fan account for Abbie at times, but I can never find a way to put into words just how much she means to me. So I’m going to try. *serious cheese alert*.

I’m not being melodramatic when I say that for about a year I didn’t really have any friends. This was partly my own fault, as I totally shut myself off from a lot of people, but I wasn’t totally to blame. To put it simply, I was a very scared, anxious and sad individual, and was very, very isolated. I get why a lot of people wanted to stay the hell away from me, because it is difficult to understand something you’ve never experienced, but I was poorly and needed support that I didn’t really get. Yes, yes, sad orchestral music would fit perfectly here, and I know I wasn’t exactly a bag of laughs, but it still stung a bit, when I felt totally by myself.

Who thought setting up a depressing twitter account would lead to meeting the most beautiful and kind soul ever to grace the earth? Well, I certainly didn’t expect it. It’s a very weird thought that if I hadn’t decided that people definitely needed to hear my sad and anxious thoughts, and never even started with twitter, then I really would be in a very different place.

There would be no cafe crawls, I may have never discovered Biscoff (what a terrifying thought), no cute photos, no tea/ coffee debates, no impulsive shopping sprees, no deep chats, no car singing seshs, no musical discoveries, no Riverdale chats, no incredible porridge, no matching jumpers. What a glum world that sounds like.


You truly have saved my life. Rosie x

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