Caffeinated thoughts #1

You may, or may not, recall me speaking about starting this little series quite a while ago. Truth be told, it got lost in a storm of half finished attempted blog posts that have managed to pile up in my drafts. But with the temperature dropping and the tint of festivity to the air, I decided that now was a better time than any to actually post something.

4FDB6F36-2D1C-4EEF-AA1F-34F42F1F8C7813:57 Wednesday 8th November 2017. I’ve managed to find the biggest cosiest sweater I can, and I’m now retreating further and further into the snuggly material as my body defrosts even though I’ve been sat in Costa for well over ten minutes. Today’s drink of choice is a soy latte with a shot of sugar free gingerbread – I hate to be controversial, but Costa’s gingerbread lattes are just not the best – plus they cost like a whole pound more. Of course I’ve snagged a beautiful festive cup, which may have been a large factor for me actually going to Costa for my coffee break.

Caffeinated thought of the day – Are humans better at creating or destructing? 

In so many ways, I suppose, when I think of this, I immediately think of the destructive element (shout out to my pessimistic brain). Can you blame me really? My brain is initially flooded with images of the diminishing rainforests, the industrial smoke that clouds our lungs, the stretches of litter left carelessly by the roadside. I mean, the environment is purely a partial part of the bigger picture. Physically, it’s clear that humans have a talent for destructing – but the destructive nature doesn’t end there. Humans are psychologically destructive. To others; bullying, especially via social media nowadays, psychological abuse, gossiping about so and so’s shoes. Little snide remarks, social standards and the pure pressure of having to ‘fit in’. The magazines that destroy people’s self esteem page by page, ripping through people’s vulnerable minds like scissor blades. The rise of mental health issues that is so dramaticlaly escalating, but is perpetually ignored. The drug that is social media, the need to know what everybody’s doing. Nothing is more destructive than that.

But then I take a step back. Because, yes it may be unusual, but human nature and pure good spirit does still exist. Maybe it’s difficult to distinguish it at times, but it definitely is still there. People who go out of their way to creat beautiful and positive things. Who create a family dinner, chopping carrots and mixing batter to produce a feast that brings talkative voices and smiling faces together. People who create opportunities, for themself and others. Maybe not so apparent to everyday life, but humans have created some pretty incredible things. Medicine, for example, which nowadays we cannot imagine a world without. Humans created electricity, that enables you to read this, and boil the kettle for tea when friends visit. Electricity that enables people to snuggle round their favourite TV show every Tuesday evening. Somebody, somewhere invented gingerbread, and somebody created lattes and somebody else created bisocff. Humans have the ability to create whatever their brains can fathom, but most lack the patience required to create something. It takes years to build a house, but moments to knock it down.

So, it’s fair to say that, I like to think, deep down, that humans are better at creating. Creating friends, families, anything and everything. Perhaps, in a way, humans simply just create. So as well as creating beauty they can also create disaster.

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