‘What do you do all day?’

Hello my loves. I laugh a lot about this question, because it’s fair enough. I’m out of school, have a very small social circle and really 12 hours sometimes seems an awful long time. I thought I’d do another one of these Day In The Life type things, but this one is going to be an insight into a very dull and uneventful day, which tend to make up the vast majority of my days.

Eight am. I’m not going to pretend I set an alarm every day, because, I don’t need to set an alarm every day. But I do tend to manage to be up by about this time, as lying in loses it’s effect after a while. Usually I am force fed breakfast the moment I step foot downstairs, and no I’m not being melodramatic. For the past two years, I have eaten porridge every single morning. Usually a concoction of peanut butter, fruit and honey. Particularly as we’re now into the colder seasons *squeals with excitement* I actually love snuggling under a blanket with a big, cosy bowl of porridge.

Nine am. By this point I have filled my body with caffeine and my thoughts aren’t as fuzzy. The usual hoo hah of getting dressed, trying to look semi decent follows. Time tends to pass in the form of browsing through Instagram and Twitter.

Ten am. I have lessons about this time most days, in town. I have my GCSEs this school year and so my mind is very focused, and my goals set very high. Lessons are lessons, and do not have the most interesting descriptive analysis.

One pm. Lunch and usually a coffee refuel. Some days I will stay in town a little longer, browse shop windows. If I’m not totally skint I’ll buy lunch out, visiting a vegan whole foods cafe, or getting a meal deal from the local shop, because I am secretely 87 years old.

Two pm. When I’m home, I’ll chill for a bit. Watch an episode or two of Casualty, because I usually persuade myself that in an elusive reality I can get into medical school by listening to dramatised emergencies.

Three pm. I tend to study independently for at least an hour a day. If not I at least try and be productive for a small amount of time, planning meals, to do lists and planners. At this time of day I have an afternoon snack, and a cup of tea also.

Five pm. Dinner prep, dinner eating, dinner in general. Also the time of day where I think it is socially acceptable to don a pair of joggers and huge hoodie, not that that ever prevents me. I bury myself under blankets with my phone and watching  movie.

Seven pm. The classic ‘evening routine’ where I will have a shower, wash my face, just do a bit of that self-care jazz. I always feel very unmotivated before reaching for a face mask or cleanser, but it never fails to make everything seem a bit better.

Eight pm. Time to cosy up in bed with an evening snack and hot drink, fluffy socks and thick pyjamas. I keep my mind distracted throughout, as the thoughts are louder when I’m alone, but I’m getting better at it.

Stay safe and strong,




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