The people who unintentionally save my life everyday #2

So a while back I did a post very similar to this. It was very mushy and all that but it gave me an opportunity to really be honest and vocalise my gratitude towards a few particular people. The internet is a very, very weird place. Yes, we all sat through those assemblies. ‘Never talk to a stranger’. ‘Only let friends follow you’. Well, ok, to a degree, I one hundred percent believe in internet safety. An example being when I met Abbie, my Dad demanded going along with me. I was embarrassed about the idea of meeting someone with my Dad right behind me, but I understood. You never know. What would have happened if Abbie had been a middle aged, tattooed, scary looking guy? Maybe he’d have been lovely and also had a chemical and emotional dependency on the infusion of English tea bags. Or he might have drugged me and chucked me in a van. Both are plausible. Luckily, Abbie was none of those things (except the emotional dependency bit). So yes, kids, internet safety. Not always a bad thing.

But the bit about strangers? The definition of a stranger is: a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar. Honestly, there are people on Instagram, Twitter, whatever that I am pretty sure I am familiar with. Familiar to a point where I could tell you their safe foods, how they were feeling on January 5th, if they’re having a good day. Ok, I sound like a creep. But I swear to you, I’m not. I just see these things on my timeline and mentally pick up on it all. Just as I’m sure someone who follows me on twitter would tell you, ‘Oh she tweets about really dark shit man, but puts lol at the end to not seem so serious’.

There are people I have never ever met who save me on a daily basis. With a few kind words. An ‘are you ok?’ message. Cute photos. Inspirational captions. Nothing major. Little things. But little things are big things.

Ellie / Insta @elliemaysrecovery The thing about Ellie is she is so so strong. Like, crazy strong. Strong to a point where her strength is infectious. Like every single person, she’s not invincible, but I feel like this just adds to it. The fact that she falls down, but she always gets back up is so so inspiring for me. We started this little ‘challenge’ thing, and though we haven’t kept up with it too well, when we do it I always feel so proud of both of us. She is also beautiful. Like out of this world beautiful.

Natalie/ Insta @tatofaire This girl is honestly so genuine and funny and gorgeous. The way she accepts her struggles and has the bravery to joke about them just makes me feel.. well normal. She’s very honest, she doesn’t hide away from her problems and her past. She isn’t afraid to tell people bringing her down to ‘fuck off’ and when people (wrongly) tell her she’s ‘vain’ and ‘self obsessed’ for posting a freaking selfie, what does she do? She keeps posting them because people’s feeds deserve to be blessed with her beauty, even if she doesn’t realise it.


Brontë / Insta @Bronteblossoms Possibly one of the sweetest and kindest girls I’ve ever spoken to. She always joins my crappy lives and sends me the loveliest messages that just transform my mood. Her instagram is so inspiring to me, and I just relate to her on so many levels. She just makes me feel less alone which means the world. ❤️

Kirsty / Insta @KirstySpicer There is the weirdest story behind me discovering this girl and her wonderful blog. I was googling my ED therapist to try and find her email as I’d lost it. I didn’t manage to find it, but I found Kirsty’s blog. I spent most of my evening lost in it, her story totally capturing me. I also discovered that the reason she’d shown up under my therapists name is because we had the same freaking therapist. She also just happens to be on the wall at my CAMHS waiting room. As you do.

Lucy / Insta @nourishinglucy The most inspirational girl on my Insta feed. Not only is she kicking anorexia’s butt, she’s also fighting with every day struggles. She is the one person that, unknowingly keeps me focused on recovery.

Rhona / Insta @life.of.rhona I only recently discovered this little fighter but my oh my she is fierce. Her feed is stunning (both due to her face, and yummy food). Everything about her just kicks this sleeping lion inside of me. She inspires me every single day as I am sure she dies for so many others.

I really could sit here all day, nattering on about all these inspiring people. But, the purpose of my intentions would get fogged over. Despite that, I hope it’s obvious what small things can do.

Stay string and safe my loves.


1 thought on “The people who unintentionally save my life everyday #2

  1. this is very accurate I love it ❤


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