The August Update – Puppies, relapse and finding motivation.

Happy September! I am buzzing today all because of a word on the calendar. But seriously? Autumn is finally upon us and I couldn’t be happier if I tried. Not only that it’s cold and frosty outside this evening – eek!

So I have been kind of absent from blog recently and I am sorry about that. I’ve been suffering with severe ‘bloggers block’. But a dash of amber leaves on trees and the nearing of darker evenings and all the motivation just floods in. I felt that this blog was definitely due a chatty update about my personal life, mental health and all. 

August was a rough month to say the least. I started it just leaving our family holiday eight days early because it had gone really downhill. I cried for 90% of it. My eating got very bad very quickly. Along with that obsessive exercising and calorie counting reappeared. All habits that I am still trying to shake off today. While everyone else was watching movies I stayed in my room doing 300 sit ups and 300 start jumps. I ate ice cream one day and the guilt nearly ate me alive. I don’t want to trigger anyone but the ice cream did not stay inside me for long. I have to say my eating was probably at its worst that it has been for a good few months. I am still recovering from that slight relapse. 

That was a very sad and dreary start to the month. I then had to deal with the loathing of my family for a good few days once we returned home. I totally understood that though – my illnesses had dragged them away from their holiday before we even got halfway through it. 

I struggled with August mainly because of the lack of routine and structure. It is something I rely on very heavily. Obviously everyone is on holiday and on holiday there is no routine. That’s the whole point of it. My motivation for everything just totally plummeted. I was in a pretty unhappy place for a while.

Then nearing towards the end of the month, things started looking better. It stared off last Sunday when we brought our little puppy home. Misty, the sweetest and dopiest little thing, is a healthy and funny black lab puppy. She has literally transformed the overall mood in the house and it is extraordinary. She’s 2 months old today and is just beautiful. 

This lasts week was so good. I have had lots of babysitting jobs, I’ve volunteered at my library and actually been super busy for once! I have a busy couple of days ahead also, and then it’s back to school! Now I know, I know. But I am actually, sort of, maybe looking forward to getting back into my lessons……..?! I am craving that routine and structure more than I can explain. There is a chance of reintergrating into my old school, but that’s a whole other blog post! As usual I’ll leave most of the talking to the photos.

Stay safe and strong my loves.


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