This weeks eats. 

Hi to anyone reading. So this past week my food diary has been full of delicious bits and pieces I’ve tried. I’ve been struggling a bit with an increase in calories both psychologically and physically. My tummy really gets punished after a biggish meal. But I’ve tried to keep it up, even thought it is challenging! I did a blog like this a month ago, and I really enjoyed doing it. It’s just a round up of the best dishes I’ve had this past 7(ish) days. Meals out, cafes and dishes I’ve had on the sofa (we’ve all been there!). 

Acai bowl (Monday). Start as we mean to go on, right? I actually rambled for ages about the cafe that serves these in this post so I’ll spare you that! But I basically had it to take out and then popped across the street to Starbucks. Because.. em.. wifi. I ordered a yummy green tea latte and felt like I totally had my life together. I can dream!

Lazy porridge bowl. This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing meal, but porridge is always a winner in my eyes. I was bundled up under a duvet while eating this. Because it was ten degrees outside.. ten degrees. I secretly loved it though and I’m so ready for September and lower temperatures! A tablespoon of peanut butter (this is the whole earth one) and hey presto. A delicious, cosy bowl of goodness.
Avo salad mmmmmmmmm. Back to the one and only Chia for this salad. A bowl of nutty almonds, avacado, carrots and red cabbage – it was so filling! And can you spot the green latte next to it? I repeated the Starbucks trip, because I just really love Starbucks bahah.

Fitness freak smoothie (aka perfection). This is so incredible! I’m not sure how they do it, but these are just out of this world. Vanilla pea protein, almond butter, maca, banana and almond. Just googled the menu to find the ingredients! 

Vegan cacao frappe. Vegan carrot cake. Cinnamon protein ball. One day I decide to bring a few bits back, and my favourite by far was the carrot cae. Totally vegan, but so so delicious. The protein balls were delicious to. I had to drink the frappe kinda quick because I nearly missed my bus!

Sweet potato and almond pasta dish. This is a little bit of heaven on a plate. A really really filling dinner but so full of flavour. It’s literally just haloumi, almonds, sweet potato mascarpone all mixed in with pasta. So deliciousn

Hopefully this post wasn’t too rambly! I also wanted to just mention that I’m really active on my Insta again. My username’s @casysgettingbetter – I mainly post foody updates!

I hope you had a lovely week and maybe see you again for a foody post next Sunday?

Stay safe and strong my loves.


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