July loves.

Hi to anyone reading. So July was.. intense. It was a super busy and challenging 31 days. There were lots of highs and lows, but it’s been ok. I did a post like this for May and I read it yesterday and I had totally forgot I’d ever done it! So this is going to be a monthly round up post. So photos, favourites and just a general chit chat. 


Nakd Posh Bits. These are sort of pricey / 3.59 for a pack. But I just love them! They are totally vegan and raw, with all natural ingredients. These particular flavour are Cocoa Sea Salt, and they’re just moreish and delicate and such a fab evening treat. I believe they are quite a new release and I tend to get them from Holland and Barret, but I’m pretty sure big superstores do them also. They also look adorable, in little heart shapes. 

Cliff Bars. I’m very late to the Cliff bar party! I literally only tried one this month. But I am now obsessed. My favourite flavour is the peanut butter one, it is so yum. These are super filling, and full of natural energy. Obviously vegan and natural, and so good for on the go. 

Pip&Nut Almond Butter. Now if you’ve read my blog before, you’ll already be aware of my slight em… dependency, on peanut butter. Anything with the mention of it is a winner to me. But I recently discovered peanut butters sister. And it is a very very close second. This little sachet of almond butter is perfect for on the go, breakfast in town. It’s just the right amount for porridge and protein shakes. I polished off a whole jar of the stuff in the past two months! 

Iced Green Tea (I can’t believe I have a favourite drink that is not coffee?!!). I’m going to be real the monsters in my head stopped me from having tea for a long time.  But this month I set a goal of just doing it anyway. I now am obsessed with iced tea, particularly green tea. It’s so refreshing and hydrating. Starbucks has been a long term fave!

Violife cheese. Ive tried a few dairy free cheeses in the past but they all tasted. Rubbery? Like plastic? Yeah you get the picture. This one is a game changer for me. I sound very dramatic all about this! But this particular cheese is ‘mozzarella flavoured’. So it’s perfect on pizza, but it’s also easy to grate onto pasta and salads. Literally. It’s insane. I sound like a cheese nerd. 

False nails. One of ny biggest insecurities are ny nails. Well my hands to be honest. Washing them a hundred times a day has its affect. They are quite dry, red and blotchy. They just look very ugly and uncared for. Recently I’ve gotten into false nails and they’ve made a huge difference. Primark is my go to. £1 for 24 nails?? Yes please. Can I also talk about the fact that false nails packs literally all have 24 nails?? Why is that?? I’m super lazy with nail painting and always messs them up, so these are a win win! 

Bullet Journaling. Again very late to the party. But journaling is honestly so therapeutic. I literally spend hours at a time constructing calendars and trackers, practicing calligraphy and headers. It’s also quite nice to be able to see how good the pages look once you’re finished. I’m definitely no pro, but I enjoy it! I might post a blog on it once I’ve filled it up a bit.

Productive (App). This month I’ve been using my phone to ensure I maintain a healthy mind and life. I’d been searching for an app like this for ages. It basically allows you to set different habits you’d like to do. You select a habit (you can also just type your own). Then you’re able to decide how often you want to do it. Twice a day, once a month. It also sends you notifications so you have no excuses to forget! It’s the only app I’ve ever found that genuinely motivates me! 

MapMyRun (App). Ive only just been allowed to start running again. It is still very controlled by others. But I’ve been loving being able to get out the house and go running. The fresh air, the adrenaline and the high. It just puts me in the best mood and it’s great to have that again. This app lets me see ho far I’ve run, plan routes and keeps track of all my times etc. It basically shows you everything you need to see and all the details you’re after about a run, from elevation to stamina and average pace. And it’s totally free! 

A peak at my Photo Stream from July.

Wishing everyone the best possible August.

Stay safe and strong my loves.

C x

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