Food Log.1

Hi to anyone reading. I hope you’re doing well! Sorry that I’ve been M.I.A for the past eight days – I’m actually on holiday. I say holiday. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing. This has not been relaxing. I’m not the best with holidays. I get very anxious and I restrict a lot so Eating has been held tightly by all those around me. Hurrah.

But in the past seven days, although I’ve maybe not eaten tons, I’ve eaten a few delicious bits and pieces, and tried a few things. I sound like a picky toddler who refuses to eat his veg, but I’m not great at trying new foods. I have safe foods and I just like to stick to them, so trying new things is a bit scary to me. I thought maybe putting these photographs of the yummy food I’ve tried together might create a good blog post. 

The highlight of them was a meal I had today. We went to a very, and I mean very very, posh restaurant. Like caviar, cheese trolley, napkins unfolded by a waiter for you, butter in beautiful triangles. I’ve never been anywhere as beautiful as it though. The staff were so lovely and the food. Oh the food. It wasn’t too scary, because the portions weren’t huge, but bursting with flavour. I had, let me try and remember. Salmon in sea bass and embellished with all sorts of beautiful relishes and veggies. It was the first plate I’d left empty in years. It was literally incredible.


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