Sunday Evening Routine

Sundays are such a good day. Especially Sunday Evenings. I love using Sunday evenings as a bit of an excuse to get into super cosy pyjamas and gather every snack in sight – you’ve got to start the week of right I guess! I’ve decided I really want this blog to be a super cosy place – I don’t know of its possible but I’m going to try! So here’s a little evening routine as these are always very popular!

The first thing I do is obviously open the door and get inside. Today it was rainy and windy, so getting into the cosy house was a real treat! I then will take of my shoes and coat before usually scrolling through Twitter. It depends on the time of day, but at about 5ish I’ll start preparing dinner. If I get in a lot earlier than that I’ll usually study for an hour or so.

For dinner it obviously varies, and every night is different – Monday might be thai food or salad, while Tuesdays might be Macdonalds if it’s a really good day! As it was super chilly, and a Sunday, I couldn’t think of anything better than a bowl of steaming pasta. 

While I eat I’ll usually chat to anybody around the house, whether that’s family or a cat (they’re family really though). It’s a great distraction to avoid the little cogs in my head to start calorie counting and panicking. Eating in silence really isn’t that helpful.

After dinner I will usually head to the bathroom, where I’ll remove any makeup with whichever facial wash I’m currently using. On Sundays I love to really try and do a full skincare routine, as it’s nice to have your skin refreshed and ready for the week ahead. I thought I’d just show a few products here because I am not a skincare expert and probably use the wrong products at the wrong step and so on!

After that I will usually paint the old chapped nails or exfoliate, before getting into the cosiest pyjamas. I have far too many pyjamas, it actually could be a problem. Primark, Topshop and Romwe are the personal faves for all things cosy and oversized.

Then it’s time to feed our brains for the busy week – ok that might be a bit of an excuse. Sundays are just a good excuse for everything including eating not so healthy snacks. Peanut butter porridge with chocolate, Nutella cupcakes, cookies and ice cream really can’t ever fail to finish your week as you mean to start it. 

Then I’ll usually snuggle up with enough snacks to feed a small town and watch either a bit of YouTube or surf through a few of mi favourite blogs. I will usually remain at this part for a good few hours – usually until 2am.
I hope this was an enjoyable blog, as I’m aware it’s a bit different! Have a fabulous day and as always, stay safe and strong.

C x 

2 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Routine

  1. Love this! Such a cute idea for a routine post that you don’t often see, and I love your writing style!

    Liked by 1 person

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