100 positives you will get from eating.

Looking for a sign to actually eat dinner this evening, to take a bite of that pizza or have that second scoop of ice cream? Or breaking a fast or are scared to have breakfast. Hopefully this could help. 

  1. Your body deserves nutrients and life.
  2. Food does not equal fat.
  3. 2000 calories is the calorie requirement for an individual sitting all day.
  4. You can dance around your room without feeling like you’re about to pass out.
  5. You can focus on studying and finally get the grades you deserve.
  6. You have the energy to chase after your little cousins.
  7. Your family can finally stop holding their breath every time they watch you at a meal.
  8. You will be able to see friends for coffees and brunches.
  9. The literal beauty of the McDonald’s drive-thru
  10. Chocolate and ice cream!
  11. You will once again find the motivation to follow your goals.
  12. To be able to look in the mirror and acccept what you see.
  13. You will start realising your worth is not a number on a scale.
  14. Cooking with your siblings and stealing bits of batter.
  15. Not having to seem rude when you don’t eat as a guest.
  16. Being able to run as a stress reliever and to be healthy.
  17. Not spending 28 hours looking at the calorie counts on the different lunch options in Tesco.
  18. Being able to listen to the hunger signals.
  19. No longer having hunger headaches and cramps.
  20. Having the strength to leave the house.
  21. You will be able to inspire others.
  22. Not worrying about never being able to have children.
  23. To let your sisters choose what’s for dinner, and not be terrified they’ll choose pizza.
  24. Regaining your smile.
  25. Being able to see the faces of your family dance with pride as you eat a slice of dessert.
  26. Not constantly hiding under huge baggy sweaters.
  27. Being able to try a dress, and get a different size if it doesn’t fit quite right. The dress is the problem, not you.
  28. You can say ‘ok’ to a movie evening with your best friend, even if it will include popcorn.
  29. To no longer be constantly freezing.
  30. You won’t be at the hospital every week having blood tests (because who really wants to do that??)
  31. Nutella!
  32. Having the strength to get up early and watch the day begin.
  33. Not having the constant blue bags under your eyes.
  34. To not worry when you eat food without knowing the calorie count – who cares?!
  35. To actually be beautiful again
  36. Not spending half your life in therapy and doctor appointments.
  37. Not looking at your bank account and realising you spent all your money on laxatives.
  38.  To be a role model.
  39. Being healthy.
  40. To not weigh in eight times a day.
  41. Genuinely not knowing your weight (you’re beautiful and you don’t care)
  42. Having the energy to put on makeup and a cute outfit if you want to.
  43. To not overthink that one forkful of rice.
  44. So you can witness greater things than a number on a scale.
  45. Being able to order whatever you want off of a menu.
  46. Being able to go to the store and buy your favourite ice cream (you always loved Ben&Jerrys)
  47. You will regain control of your thoughts and health.
  48. Going to Starbucks and saying ‘Ok’ to whipped cream.
  49. Choosing the larger option of a meal, because you’re hungry and deserve it.
  50. Being trusted to cook in the kitchen again, gone are the days of betraying people’s confidence in you.
  51. You could go and play volleyball with your friends, and scream with delight when your team wins.
  52. Order dominoes.
  53. Not having a second thought about an empty plate.
  54. Having a second piece of apple pie because, why not? 
  55. Eating a whole tub of ice cream with a huge smile on your face.
  56. Regaining the fire in your eyes.
  57. Banishing sunken facial features, and letting your natural and pure beauty shine through.
  58. Eating until you’re full.
  59. Not caring about how wide your hips are.
  60. To be successful.
  61. To live life how it is supposed to be lived.
  62. To never again be disgusted by your beautiful reflection.
  63. Going to the gym and having a laugh with your friends, and not be fixtated on burning calories.
  64. Oreos!
  65. Taking your dog on long walks.
  66. Trying new foods.
  67. No longer being afraid of a supermarket.
  68. Seeing food for what it really is: a necessity.
  69. Having the strength to run with your dog in the garden.
  70. Seeing hope in all situations.
  71. Hot chocolates with whipped cream during a cold evening.
  72. Being able to eat the cupcakes your little niece baked for you.
  73. Beginning the day with a bright and delicious smoothie bowl.
  74. No more weigh ins!
  75. Wearing whatever the hell you want, because you know you look beautiful.
  76. Forgetting what it’s like to constantly overthink everything that you eat.
  77. Enjoying days you would have been hidden away from.
  78. Meeting new people.
  79. Ordering a McFlurry, because they’re the best things on earth and you’re craving one, even if you have just eaten a large meal.
  80. Deleting calorie counting apps from your phone.
  81. Tearing up your dieting journals and food trackers and setting them up in flames on a bonfire evening.
  82. Sitting round a campfire and eating s’mores.
  83. Eating all that food you always thought looked delicious, but were too scared to eat.
  84. Not purely surviving on coffee.
  85. Confidence.
  86. Realising diets are a waste of valuable time.
  87. Not having to be checked up on at every meal time to be sure you’ve eaten.
  88. No longer needing consent to eat. It’s fine and you need it.
  89. Pumpkin pie on Halloween.
  90. Chewing gum on the way back from work, not as a meal.
  91. Finding all of life’s secrets.
  92. To stop being afraid.
  93. The sweet taste of cotton candy.
  94. The way confidence looks better than any accessory ever sold.
  95. Daring to wear different outfits.
  96. Seeing three meals and three snacks as an achievement, not a failure.
  97. Going for a jog to get a bit of headspace, not to lose weight.
  98. Accepting weight gain.
  99. Strawberries and cream.
  100. The way life is worth a lot more than a number or a calorie, and you can cherish and experience that more than anyone else.

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