Rice cakes four ways.

If you know me then you’ll know I’m pretty rubbish at cooking food. Not in the ‘puts salt instead of sugar in’ but in terms of actually eating it. Usually, by the time I’ve finished cooking whatever, I will have overthought it too much and will then feel unable to eat it. I can just about throw a few salad bits together before I start panicking. When speaking to the dietician, I had to think about ideas for snacks in between meal times, because I nearly always skip them. I said rice cakes, and she said you’d either have to eat about 8 or put a few toppings on one. So I set a challenge for the week of finding the perfect rice cake topping. These are the four winners so far, but they literally take about two minutes to chuck together, and are really versatile and can be altered to taste and preference!

The nutty one – According to about fifty million different researchers, nuts are one of the best ways of gaining energy and potassium, and are really filling  so a great snack even on their own. I put peanut butter as the spread for this, which is another great source of fibre, and then topped it off with walnuts, blanched almonds, seeds and coconut.

tempImageForSaveThe Classic – What better topping is there than banana and peanut butter? The two are full of good stuff, and a brilliant source of energy. I’ve actually had about four of these for breakfast a few times, and they really put a positive mindset into me (is that weird?). I also drizzled a teaspoon of honey over this, for a bit of sweetness and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Honestly delicious!

tempImageForSave.jpgThe lunch time one – One rice cake isn’t enough for lunch, even if it is topped with delicious bits and pieces, but it would be great with a bowl of soup or to fuel you until the next Pret appears. I used pesto as the spread for this one and then chopped up a few sundried tomatoes, aswell as a teaspoon of pine nuts, which really added a lot of flavour, and I forgot how delicious these are sprinkled in salad too!

tempImageForSave.jpgThe fruity one – I actually hadn’t ever tried this one before, but what better way to get that fruit intake up than to disguise them in honey and almonds? My sisters are a huge fan of this one, but they can go slightly overboard on the honey! I used apple and kiwi on top of a teaspoon of honey, and sprinkled almond shavings over the top, really only so it looked slightly more aesthetic.

So there’s you go, an attempt at a stereotypical foody blog, and hopefully this has given you a few ideas for a nice afternoon snack!

Stay safe and strong,

Casy x

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