What I Ate Today – Anorexia Recovery

— I’m going to be honest, my Eating has been going really well – the past weekend I didn’t calorie count and drank a huge Biscoff shake, along with chips and cookie dough and at least 2 Drive Thru dinners. I also finished this huge cookie dessert (it was literally double the size of my head) in 4 days and a tub of Ben and Jerrys. I was convinced I would have gained at least a stone, and was unsure of whether I wanted to scream or jump up and down about it. I get weighed every week at the GP, so when I went in the other day I was prepared for the fake ‘Congratulation, you’ve gained!’. I have to step on backwards, as I am not trusted to see the number as it can be too triggering, but I asked to know today. They said I’d stayed the same, but my BMI had gone down. Two things I wasn’t expecting to hear. I literally stared at the nurse in disbelief and initially wanted to cry tears of relief. It appears, ladies and gentlemen, that everything they say about weight gain being dependent on other factors, actually could be true. Either that or I have the fastet digestive system ever. But that is well over a week ago now, and this isn’t a ‘talk about every single thing I’ve eaten so far this year’ post. —



Breakfast: You’ve got five seconds to guess. 5,4,3,2.. Yup porridge. Before you all start rolling your eyes at this extremely dull breakfast choice, it actually isn’t all that dull. Sure, oats and water can be slightly unappealing, but add a tablespoon of peanut butter, cup of granola, linseed and agave nectar, along with whatever fruit yIMG_3447ou can get hold of, and you’ve created a piece of art that definitely deserves a photo. And a clean and empty bowl within about ten minutes.


Snack: I used to hate snacking, but now I understand all of the positives it has. This is probably the bits of these ‘What I ate today’ posts that change on the daily, and is really dependent on where I am. Today I had this delicious smoothie along with one of those bounce protein bites, that I’d never actually tried before (I know, I know).

L1000190Lunch: Not tons of options usually, unless I’m out and about. Today I had a Buddha bowl, which are my latest obsession, because they are easily altered. I like to include a lot of protein in these, whether that’s rice, avacado or pasta.

Afternoon snack: Today I had two biscuits, because I was on the way to the surgery and just had to grab something. I always have to have this afternoon snack, whether it’s fruit or chocolate!


Dinner: For today, I actually decided to be super adventurous and cook up a Thai stir-fry – I know, a dinner that doesn’t involve pasta, what a revelation. This was IMG_3449literally really simple and can be easily altered depending on your tastes and diet. I usually go with veggies and chicken (or substitue with tofu. My secret ingredient is veggie stock, it isn’t the same without it!




Snack: This is usually the time I will have an ice-cream craving, or along those lines. Today I had bought this no-dairy ice cream, which is a real treat.IMG_3453

As always, stay safe and strong,

casy x

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