The people who save my life. Everyday.

Look at me being all productive and getting two posts out today *takes a bow*. This particular one is so important even though it probably won’t seem it. If you’ve read this title you’re probably either thinking this is a click bait blog where I’m going to be talking about how Clinique skincare saved my life, or I live near a lake and fall in it every day, and have decided to dedicate an entire blog to my dear neighbours who pull me out each time. Neither are true, unfortunately. People assume that in order to save a life it is required to have expert training, lots of drama and swelling music. In reality, people save lives everyday, the highly skilled and trained, the people who belong in ambulances with years of experience. I could dedicate a whole site to those types of people. But today, I’m going to be talking about little things and people, a lot of whom I’ve never actually spoken to face to face. I hope this shows how the simplest things can give a person the courage to carry on with their life.

Whoever invented Lattes: I’m sorry, but I had to include that.

Abbie: I’m not going to be super specific with who people are, so I hope you know if any of these are directed at you. I’ve not had the best last few months, and have been struggling with a relapse. I withdrew from any real contact, didn’t talk a lot and started saving thinspo again. It is times like these that I have lost a friend or two in the past. Having a person in your life, who just ‘gets it’ is a true blessing. It is this person who, unknowingly, gives me days to look forward to, stops the relentless depressed voices and allows light and air into my life, and I pray I can one day repay her for everything.

Lost: I don’t know this persons actual name, so am using their twitter name. She has never done anything extreme and clearly significant, but she is, without a doubt, deserved of a place on this post. Probably, unknowingly, she shows not just me, but others, that you have to keep believing in recovery. She shows me that bad days are ok, that you should be able to eat without guilt. She has a heart of gold, and her kindness is never asked for, but always there.

Hope: Again, their twitter name. This particular person has kept me on the path to recovery each and every day. The simple way to put it, is that she is always there. She can always tell when I need help, or just a rant on twitter. She knows when to intervene and when I’m probably just being over the top. She has shown me that recovery is a process that you won’t always succeed at, but you shouldn’t give in, and that you blossom during it. It also helps that she often posts cute photos of her dog.

Soph: Don’t ever let anybody dull your irreplaceable shine. Your simplistic attitude and young naive nature, is a reminder of how unnecessary worrying can be. You focus on only the positive and always find the ‘half full’ attitude. You will never have a negative effect on anybody, don’t let the world change that.

Hannah: You saw my scars, and didn’t flinch. You probably don’t even know what they are, or how they got there, but you didn’t see them as a significant change in my appearance. You glazed over them like sweet honey, continued pointing at flowers and running towards the park. It wasn’t until later you said, I hope you don’t let whatever hurt you, hurt you again. Through bright eyes and dirt stained lashes, you unknowingly began my journey that has brought me to be a month clean.

Im going to leave it there, because I don’t think I can pick out every person who has ever helped. Just know every kind word does have an effect, just like the opposite is true.

As always, stay safe and strong.

Casy x

1 thought on “The people who save my life. Everyday.

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix April 7, 2017 — 5:20 pm

    This is such a beautiful post! I’m so glad that you have such wonderful people in your life. ūüôā


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