How I’m Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.

I have recently been thinking about how much of my daily life is consumed by thoughts of food, calorie counting and deciding whether to eat or not. It is really difficult but I am now beginning to see how important leading a healthy lifestyle is. No, it is definitely not a sudden full recovery, and, like everything, it is a gradual process. But, it is a life I am trying to reach, and I know that this is my first huge step when gaining back my life.

Eating clean: I am definitely trying to eat cleaner at this current time, but obviously still getting all of my food groups. Honestly, my anorexia does still limit my food choices so eating clean is probably not that difficult for me, but I am trying to incorporate protein-rich foods and carbs, like fish, almonds, peanut butter and biscuits. A lot of people assume that ‘Eating Clean’ is eating just vegetables and fruit, and, perhaps, for some people, that is the case. Personally, I think of eating clean as getting all your food groups, listening to your brain and keeping your diet balanced. 

Drinking lots of water: I have always been pretty useless at staying hydrated, but it is honestly so important. I recently purchased a ‘fruit infuzer’ bottle, and this is really helping to remind me to keep hydrating. Especially when at the gym, not being hydrated is awful.

Getting to the Gym: Personally, I used to be really cautious of the gym, I always assume everybody is staring at me, as I am still quite inexperienced, and I just look really out of my depth. But, obviously that really isn’t the case! Getting to the gym is, not only, a great way to keep you healthy, but is a great de-stresser and anxiety-buster. 

Walking: This one is unbelievabley simple, but walking is a brilliant way to clear your head, and leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about physical health, but psychological health is just as important. I find, even if I’m not at the gym, I will always find time to get outdoors and go for a walk.

Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope this has offered some advice on leading a healthier life, and remember how crucial it is to take smaller steps.

As always, stay safe and strong,


2 thoughts on “How I’m Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.

  1. Walking is so good, I find it a really gentle way to burn off anxious energy. I’m really enjoying your blog! I had an eating disorder when I was 16 (I’m 26 now) and whilst I still have quite bad anxiety I am in much better shape both mentally and physically. The struggles really do make us stronger more empathetic people in the long run! Keep it up chica!X

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