The Key to Recovery.

To be able to look the faces in the eye and tell them to get out of your way.

The thing is, recovery is your ticket out of a life full of pain and anxiety. Whether you are recovering from anorexia, PTSD, anxiety or anything else, it can appear to be a difficult and often unsuccessful road, that seems to never end. Letting go of a Mental Illness is a lot worse than you’d think – there will be a point where you have to choose to blindly jump into the forgotten normality of living without the constant voices that fill your head, and believe me, every part of you will scream to stay where you are. The only way of explaining it is like cutting away from toxic friends, but on a far bigger and lethal scale. Recovery is a choice that you have to decide on, every day, at least five times. And, it is beyond simple to let yourself be engulfed by the anorexia or illness that still exists. But, every day that voice quitens a little, and even though you don’t notice, it is fading. Even still, recovery is a task that only the strongest fight for. In my experience I have found tips and advice that help me continue fighting for a better life every day. 

Drink Water: This is something that I was awful at – honestly I didn’t really think of it as too important, but your body is 80% water, and without being hydrated for under four days, your chances of survival are slim. Drinking water is absolutely crucial. It flushes out toxins and leaves you with a healthier mind. I have found a lot of ways that help to be sure I am drinking enough:

  • Water apps – There are loads of free apps that allow you to track your water intake, and notify you to keep drinking throughout the day. I personally use MyWater.
  • Flavoured water – This was a really brilliant thing, and it is really inexpensive! I found this water bottle from Wilko for about £2 – It has a water filter that allows you to add in lemons or any other pieces of fruit to infuse the water – it doesn’t taste as boring and, as silly as it sounds, looks a lot nicer, therefore I pick it up more!

Eat your 5 a day: As basic as it sounds, this is a simple rule that so many people forget. Fruit and veggies contain tons of vital vitamins, and benefit your health and mind in so many ways. Without eating your 5 a day, you’re going to feel groggy and bloated which isn’t fun! Obviously, eating a carrot isn’t really that difficult, but finding ways to incorporate your 5 a day into your food is a great way to ensure you’re hitting that target! 

  • Smoothies – Probably the simplest way, you can literally chuck things into a blender and be halfway there before the days even really started!
  • Try vegetable chips! So, technically chips are from potatoes, but they definitely do not count as a veggie! If you aren’t keen on carrot sticks, you should try roasted butternut, sweet potatoe, parsnips in chip-like shapes. They are absolutely delicious sprinkled with a bit of seasoning, super healthy and ready in seconds! 

Walk everywhere: So not quite everywhere, but instead of getting off at your usual bus stop, get off one early. It will not only give your lungs some fresh air, but will allow you valuable time to be alone, collect your thoughts and really appreciate the simpler things in life. 
Spending time with family is essential: It is really important to appreciate those around you, and when you’re struggling, it’s easy to forget how precious family is. Obviously not everybody is around all the time, and you don’t want to feel suffocated, but spending just half an hour a day talking with your family can often change how you perceive your individual struggle.

Never forget that ice cream solves a lot of problems: It is quite ironic to say, but now I’m getting better with food, I understand the importance of including sugar in a balanced diet – especially ice cream! Deprivation of sugar can be detrimental for blood sugar levels etc. Obviously there are lots of healthier options to get sugar- fruit for example – but ice cream is such a great part of recovery personally!

So, those are the particular things that really started my Recovery, and hopefully they help others! If you have any questions or possibly any bits of advice that you’ve found helpful, please leave them below!

As always, stay strong and safe,


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