What I Eat In A Day – Anorexia Recovery

Start each day with a grateful heart – and breakfast.
Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day, partly because I’m actually genuinely hungry for it. I feel like options for breakfast are often kinda limited, both in the aspect of time and possibilities. Having a protein rich breakfast is such a huge part of leading a healthy lifestyle, so I usually go for something with plenty of fruit and protein, acai bowls are a heat example!

Stewed fruit and peanut butter: This could sound disgusting but it is actually delicious, especially with stewed apples! I tend to use either one big apple, or a few if I’m not going to eat again until lunch. A big dollop of peanut butter really helps lift the calorie intake for this particular breakfast, and it is even better layered with chia seeds like today!

Smoothie: Since owning a nutri-bullet, chucking in any fruit or vegtable and adding a splash of juice is now part of my daily routine. It is a really brilliant way to intake lots of vitamins and protein without feeling like you’re eating tons.

Lunch is something I’m still gradually getting used to, but it is crucial in a healthy lifestyle. It is definitely something I used to struggle with finding different options, and usually ended up eating a plain tortilla wrap. Nowadays, lunch usually involves seeing what vegetables we have – and of course sweet potato. 

Pasta salad: I was treated to a shop bought lunch today, and opted for this, as the portion was a good size, not too huge and daunting like a lot of shop salads. It was really delicious, and simple too, with pesto and spinach.

Iced Latte: This drink is honestly the nicest drink I’ve ever had and it isn’t a loaded calorie one either, which shouldn’t really be an issue, but it is helps. It is better than any Costa or cafe one they offer, and doesn’t cost £8.00!

Snacking is something that is often a huge help, especially with getting hunger up.. today I decided to have these Chocolate covered nuts with a glass of water, as I often try and cut back on water intake to reduce water weight, but hydration is key and all that!

Pasta Bowl: Whoops, I just saw I had pasta twice this day! But I find it is simple to cook and not too filling either! This pasta bowl is something I opt for when I don’t have a ton of choice, but it is delicious and so photogenic! This particular dish had pasta, carrot , haloumi, sweet potato and chia seeds all in a deliciously creamy sauce- full of vital healthy foods, but still reaching that calore goal! 

Snacking again, but this time, milk and biscuits, but it really does depend on the day and how big my dinner was! 

If you have any questions please just let me know below! This ‘What I Eat In A Day’ is based off of a 1500 calorie plan that I am currently on.
As always, stay safe and strong.

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