A new diet 

I think I have tried every diet on this planet. Especially when suffering with an eating disorder you’re obsessed with finding a way that will result in losing weight faster. I’ve lived off of vegetables, water, apples and nothing. Dieting is everywhere. There are shelves stacked with diet bars, snacks that claim to be under 100 calories screaming at you to have that instead. And why wouldn’t you? A chocolate bar or a diet bar? It is almost a rhetorical question. 

Everybody is on a diet. There’s the vegan diet, where people cut all dairy from their diet, telling everybody that they are ‘cleansing their soul for a month’. Juice diets, juice cleanses, I’ve seen young people pormoting these sugar loaded drink as a swear bye way to lose weight ‘Don’t eat anything for five days, just drink these, collapse and then put on all that weight again in two hours.’ 

Like I said, I think I’ve tried every diet in the time I’ve been suffering with my Eating Disorder. My personal favourite is the ‘Pretend to eat, hide the food, 100 jumping jacks and bawl your eyes out’. 

I don’t want the title of this to confuse anybody. I’m not on a diet, nor I think I will ever go on one again. They only bring upset and hopelessness. Everybody is different, therefore diets just don’t work. Apart from this one.

I like to call this the ‘Eat what you want and balance your food groups’ diet. A slightly long winded way of putting it, but Eat What You Want didn’t quite fit – There are lots of days when I don’t want to eat anything, but I’m beginning to realise that that doesn’t mean I don’t eat. Balance is the biggest thing I’m starting to learn. You need sugar to survive, but you don’t need 18 cakes. You need vegetables, protein like chicken and potatoes, Starchy foods like pasta and rice, sugar like Fruit, cupcakes and biscuits and believe it or not you need some fatty foods, like pizza and Macdonalds. But everything is balance. It isn’t like you can eat 50 Pizzas and then ‘balance’ it out with 50 Apples. For anybody who wasn’t taught this in pre-school, you need a higher percentage of protein, carbs, Vegetables and dairy than Sugar and fatty foods. 

So this is my new diet. And hopefully it goes well. If one day I eat an entire Chocolate bar, then that doesn’t mean I need to panic and start jumping around the house to burn off calories, it means I have given my body a food group it needs to survive. I feel like I’ve said it enough but it is about balance, balance, balance, balance. It isn’t about seeing who can lose weight faster, who is stronger. At the end of the day, it is about confidence, and trust me, no diet can give you that.

As always, stay strong and safe,

Casy x

2 thoughts on “A new diet 

  1. Balance is so important!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know – it is something that I feel like a lot of people forget about!! Xx


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