Sock It To Eating Disorders – #NEDAwarenessweek

A few years ago I wouldn’t have ever dared to publicly involve myself in something like this – telling your friends, your family. Usually when you mention the phrase ‘Eating Disorder’ everybody stiffens and avoids eye contact while stammering a few polite words. Nobody likes to talk about it. Nobody really understands it. 

But really, what’s to be ashamed of? It’s a little bit like telling somebody you’ve broken your leg. You’re saying, ‘Yes I’m damaged and fragile but I am not always going to be like this’.  

I received my pack from the charity organisation, Beat, about a week ago. When I first heard of the ‘Sock It to Eating Disorders’ campaign I wasn’t really in it to raise money, because talking about that kind of stuff is pressure and stressful for me, I just wanted to be involved and show my support. But as I talked about it and looked through the pack I suddenly felt so proud to be part of such a wonderful campaign, even if I was only playing a small part. I phoned up my Grandad, and told him all about it – I knew he’d love the idea and just asked if he wanted to wear some silly socks (His reply was ‘Surely my alternative to wearing silly socks would be to wear normal socks for the day!’) but he seemed really keen on the idea and before long he’d told a lot of my family who all decided to wear socks together and get involved. They also really kindly said they would each donate a little bit towards the charity which I was thrilled by, but I was sure to tell them that it wasn’t to be more than a pound or so, as my family have the kindest hearts, and would probably not be far off giving their life’s savings towards a charity if there was no interference! A lot of people started letting their friends and work colleagues know, and before long lots of people were wanting to get involved which was so surprising for me! I was so humbled by the pure generosity of people wanting to show their support towards such a brilliant charity – I honestly didn’t expect anybody to really bother too much. 

Today I walked into a cafe, and the staff were wearing bright and colourful socks and had even put out a little pot for donations for Beat! I popped into my local gym because I’d left my trainers there and the entire class was donned in their ugliest and funniest socks, some who had been told last minute and had decided to switch socks with others to have mismatched pairs and some had even turned theirs inside out! I was blown away – the support for this charity was everywhere! 

I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody who got involved in any way – honestly I expected to take a picture of my socks, post it on twitter and that would be it! If you haven’t heard of this campaign don’t worry – it’s not too late to get involved! Head over to Beats website or their Twitter or you could pop over to my Just Giving page! It really is a wonderful cause!

Stay strong and safe


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