Tuesdays are my new Favourite Day.

Tuesdays have always been one of those ‘bleh’ days. Nothing really happens, no good shows – it’s just a nothing day. At the beginning of this year (nearly two whole months ago eek!) I decided that I’d dedicate a day a week to leaving my house and discovering new places. I’ve been falling back into my depression cycle recently – I can’t leave my house, I don’t leave my house, My mood drops. I’ve not really been using this idea until the last few weeks. Already I can see the biggest change in my thought processes and mental health. I owe a lot of this to one particular person and she knows who she is ☺️

Tuesday No.1 

Id left my house by 8am this morning. That is an achievement and a half. Don’t forget that, for me, that involves staring at my breakfast for twenty minutes and trying to decide if I should eat it, and usually alot of scrolling through Twitter! By 8:05am I was on my local bus and sat for twenty minutes listening to my Spotify playlists. 8:30 I got off the bus at my local train station – I’ve never been a huge train person. They cause me quite a lot of anxiety, especially when travelling alone. But it honestly didn’t phase me at all today, which is such a positive! I found my platform without having to stop somebody and ask for directions and stood on the crowded platform choc-o-block full of people holding brief cases and probably reading through important emails on their IPhones. For somebody who gets anxious by trains, I actually really enjoy train journeys. That sounds ridiculous but it’s so peaceful and gives you space to just exist. Nobody’s looking at you to see if your shoes are in fashion or not. Everybody’s wrappped up in their own little world and you all sort of silently exist together. After a few stops, a windy train station, a panic thinking I’d have to get in a lift (I didn’t thank the lord) and about five repeats of the song ‘Good Life’ by One Republic, I met with my friend Abbie, and we walked against what felt like gale force winds and arctic rain to get to the Town Centre. I don’t mind rain, just as long as I’m not in it.

I’d looked up The Groundworks Cafe online before we went. Me and Abbie have a slight obsession with finding cute and quirky cafes. We’re building up quite a selection of our personal faves. We stopped in a few little independent shops on our walk there, mainly because we were cold and needed to defrost, but it’s virtually impossible for one or the other of us to walk past a shop with Vintage and retro looking interior and, well, walk past it. We definitely found some real gems today, one even had a cafe attached to it so I think we’ll definitely have to take another trip back soon! 

The Groundworks Cafe is tucked away from the town centre, down a little street. As soon as you step in its like being transported to a little coffee shop in New York, and we both tried multiple times to forget where we actually were to see if we could find our way to the big city in our heads. It’s a cosy cafe with endless options for coffees and hot drinks (but they do charge 40p extra if you want Soy Milk. 40p!!). The interiors look staight out of one of those photography blogs where people are paid to travel city’s searching for the best Hot chocolate in the world. I don’t know how much I can really talk about interiors so I’ll let the photos have that job! 

I need to take a moment to praise this places porridge. Honestly. It. Is. a. Whole. Other. Level. Of. Delicious. It was topped with plum and spiced apple purée, almonds and vanilla mascarpone. Neither of us were sure if we’d like it but I’m now craving another bowl even typing this! It honestly tasted like Winter in a bowl, and the spices and vanilla mixed together exploded into a taste like no other. I’m now waiting for Abbie’s nan to make me a vat of plum and spiced apple jam so I can have this every day (just not sure where to find Vanilla mascarpone!).

So this is why Tuesdays are now my favourite day – Im dedicating Tuesdays to existence on trains, existence in cafes, existence in new places and existing somewhere I would otherwise not have existed. 

Casy 🙂

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